Aghios Nikolaos in Crete

August 10, 2013

On 10th of August we reached the first European port Aghios Nikolaos, in Crete and it is a delightful destination after all those days at sea. This port requires tendering again. We have not been on land since we have left Maldives and that was ten days ago.

Dawn Princess in Maldives

July 31, 2013

Male has its tropical flavour that is hot and humid. We came during Ramadan and many shops have been closed. It is the last stop in Asia. In about seven days we will reach Mediterranean Sea.

Opera House and ms Oosterdam

April 14, 2013

Just before ms Oosterdam departed to Seatlle. It will be back in Sydney in October 2013.

Celebrity Solstice in Sydney

March 8, 2013

Celebrity Solstice with 2,800 passengers in Sydney Harbour on the way to Coral Sea.

Beautiful Akaroa and the Bays

March 5, 2013

We went to 80 Rue Lavaud, Akaroa 7520, New Zealand to practice our French. Ce village très touristique grâce à son histoire attire beaucoup de monde durant la période estivale. Chaque année, on célèbre le Festival français d’Akaroa (Akaroa FrenchFest).

Arriving in Wellington NZ

March 1, 2013

Te Hono ki Hawaiki

January 23, 2013

The meeting house Te Hono ki Hawaiki in Wellington Te Papa museum. In Maori mythology, Hawaiki is the ancestral land of origin, before they travelled across the sea to New Zealand. The phrase Te Hono ki Hawaiki means link back to Hawaiki.

Oosterdam in Hobart Tasmania

January 14, 2013

As part of the cruise to New Zealand ms Oosterdam arrives in Hobart Tasmania